Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mixaparts by Shelley Hamilton

Hi, Shelley here, to share a few pods that I made for the Mixaparts necklace system!
The Mixaparts system allows you to make your own pod with whatever you want in it, and put it into the necklace shown above.  You can make as many pods as you like, then pop one pod out and another one in!

Here is a picture of the necklace without the pod in it.  You can see the magnetic closure device.

For this pod, I began a piece of canvas from the Canvas 3-pack---three pre-cut circles made out of canvas.  I painted it with Twinkling H20 in Teal Zircon.  The overlay is from the BEACH prepack.  Each prepack theme includes 4 21⁄2”x 4” papers, 1 transparency (each pack yields 16 paper circles & 4 transparency circles) & 6 flat back Swarovski crystals.  After using the shell transparency and crystal, I added a bit of beach sand and an actual tiny shell from the beach!  This is a fun way to remember a trip!

For this pod, I used a pre-punched paper, transparency, and crystal from the Sakura prepack.

For this pod, I used the bird paper from the RockStar prepack.  I also used a white resin piece from the Antique Resin pack.  I placed a Swarovski crystal on top of the resin.  The result was quite nice!

In this pod, I used the Edge prepack paper, a crystal, and the key resin from the Love Locket Resin pack.

For this pod, I simply used a 1" circle punch on a favorite photo.  This was so easy!

Here are a few more pods!


Besides necklaces, the pods can be used to embellish cards and books.  Just punch a 1" hole and push the pod through the hole from the bottom.  The make the cutest shakers!  In above pod, I used glass beads and a resin piece inside!
I hope you enjoyed this look at Mixaparts, where your art is a part!

Products Used: {visit your local store to purchase the Mixaparts products}
29616 Pod, Pendant, and Necklace Set 
29617 Pods 3 Pack
29619 Canvas 3 Pack
29624 Majesty Resin
29601 Love Locket Resin
29176 Antique Resin
29612 Sakura Prepack
29611 Rock Star Prepack
29602 Beach Prepack
29604 Edge Prepack
Petite Twinklint H20 Teal Zircon

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