Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CI/Faber Castell Blog Hop by Shelley Hamilton

Hi, Shelley here with my CI/Faber Castell Blog Hop Project!

For my project, I made a "Summer Vacation Journal"!  Art Journals are very popular right now.  This journal isn't purely for art, as I decided to put some of our vacation pictures in it.  However, I was a bit more free with this album than I usually am.  I did a lot of artsy stuff, a lot more writing, and was as informal as I wanted to be.  It was a blast!  I plan to let each one of my kids do one, as well.  They love coloring, drawing, and pics of summer vacation!

I started with a plain journal, and piece of Bazaar Noir Chintz Foil Paper.

I knew that I wanted to use the new Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils in Blue/Green.

So, I began "coloring" the paper.  One cool thing about these new pastels is that they come in sharpened pencil form, so you have a lot of control, and can color with great detail.  Another nice thing is that they are easily sharpened.  I used a common hand-held sharpener as these became dull.
  The colors are amazing.  I chose to color-in most of my paper pretty darkly.

There were a couple of areas, however, where I colored in very lightly, then rubbed them with my finger to make the color pale and even.

After I had chosen the colors I was going to use, and had colored for a little while, I began to look for papers to coordinate with the front of my journal.  I found several pieces of Samantha Walker's "Tea Party" line that were perfect for what I wanted!  After I finished using the pastel pencils, I used a spray sealer to make the page permanent(no smearing of the colors).  Faber Castell also mentions the fact that you can use hair spray.

Another new product by Faber Castell are the Gelatos.  This particular set has blues and purples.  Beautiful!

Before adhering the colored paper to my journal, I used the Cotton Candy Gelato from this set, on the edges of the journal.  The Gelatos come in what looks like a chapstick container.  I just applied the Gelato directly on the journal edges.   After doing this, I got a paintbrush(this set comes with one) a little bit wet with water, and went over the already painted edges.  This helps smooth the color out.

To finish out the front of the album, I added small silk Eye Candy in several different places.  These Swarovski crystals make all the difference!

I used the Cotton Candy and Gold Metallic Gelatos on this page.

To get this effect, I rubbed the Gelatos on a wooden stamp--blue on the top, gold on the bottom.  I then put a little water on the paintbrush, and brushed the stamp with it.  Then, I stamped it on the page.  I repeated this process each time I stamped.  I enjoyed the process and the outcome!

On this page, I used a trimmed piece from the front/back of my album, and used it on the bottom of the page.  I used the Cotton Candy Gelato on a white paper flower, then blended it lightly with water and a paintbrush. 

After the flower had completely dried, I went back in and added steaks of the deep yellow pastel pencil.  The outcome was pretty, and I was assured that my flower would match the paper(Blue Pansies from Tea Party) that I had already picked out, as well as the cover of my album.  After doing this, I sprayed the flower with Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Luminarte in Pearl Lilac.  This gave it a nice shimmering look.  To further embellish this page, I made small dots on the paper with Viva Colour Brand by CI's Paint Pen in Sunny Yellow.

On this page, I used a kraft envelope that I edged with the dark blue pastel pencil and painted with the Cotton Candy Gelato.  I also used the Viva Colour by CI Paint Pen again.  The yellow flower sticker is from the Tea Party line.

On this page, I used the Gelatos to edge the banner pieces and the paper mat.

Here are some of the items I used the Cotton Candy Gelato on.  Remember that after you rub the Gelato directly on the object, that it is a good idea to use a paintbrush and a little water to spread the color about.

Before I glued the glitter on the letters for the banner, I first colored the letters with one of the pastel pencils.  I just wanted a bit of color under the glitter so the chipboard color wouldn't show through.  I also wanted to glitter right away, without letting anything dry, so I chose the pastel pencils instead of the gelato.  Otherwise, the the letters might have been a bit wet, and the liquid glue for the glitter wouldn't have stuck to the letter.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing my project!  I have enjoyed sharing it with you!!

Products Used:
CI Products:
Bazaar Noir Chintz Foil Paper
Tea Party Die Cut Shapes
Small silk Eye Candy(Swarovski crystals)
Blue Pansies paper from Tea Party line
Tea Party Sticker Sheet
Tea Blossom paper from Tea Party line
Label from Art as Life ATC Pack
Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Luminarte in Pearl Lilac
Tea Service paper from Tea Party line

Faber-Castell Products:
Pastel Pencils in Blue/Green
Metallic Gelatos

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