Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished! Macy's basketball team's books are done!

I tried to make each book look like the player!  I put their numbers on the front of the little girl stamp.  I drew in the little basketball, and altered the bottom of the stamp to say "Lady Stars"...this is the team's name.  The front of each album had each little girl's name.

Here are the pages of Macy's book.

I took almost all of the pictures of the girls.  My husband, however,  took some also.  I think his turned out better than mine...they always do!
Macy is a great basketball player!  Her whole team, in fact, is great!  They have played together for two seasons, and haven't lost a game yet!  It is so fun to watch them!

Seven year-olds sure do run fast!
Rebound, girlie!

Here is the back of the album.  The white fabric trim wraps around the album, tying on the side.

These pictures illustrate how the album is accordion-style and has pictures on both sides!

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Macy Scraps, too!

Macy Scraps, too!
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